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Survive The Storm With Digital Signage

It’s no secret that that the future is much less certain than it was twelve months ago. Things were already changing fast enough before the impact of bushfires, COVID19 and recent share market volatility, so predicting what will happen in the weeks and months ahead has become that much more difficult. Yet the outcome is not out of our control.

Planning goes a long way. So does having the confidence to use all the tools at your disposal. Those that have digital signage have an advantage because they already have a mechanism to boost the profile of their product or business. It’s a wonderfully flexible tool that lets you create the desired ambience in your premises. It can let you share information in real time – whether that’s a promotion for customers or information for staff. Digital signage is a powerful technology that, harnessed properly, can help business owners weather the most turbulent economic storms.

So what can digital signage do for you?

The biggest single thing digital signage can do for you is attract customers to your business. Humans are hard wired to notice visual information, and we notice it more quickly when it’s dynamic. Its’ said that the brain processes an image 60,000 times faster than text. With video content on digital signage, you have a winning advantage over your competitor who is relying on static, printed communication. And once you have a customer’s attention the hard work has been done, and they’ll be more responsive to your offer. Which leads to sales.

datmedia led digital signage

Digital signage is perfectly positioned to help you create atmosphere. Whether you’re using one LCD screen or an LED video wall – you can use digital signage to shape how customers feel about your premises and add value to your brand. It lets you do whatever you want, whenever you want to – promote products, price points, concepts and values. Use it to help make people feel good about your business.

Digital signage is also cost effective. The same piece of artwork can run on any number of screens in any number of stores while eliminating expensive print runs, distribution costs and compliance issues. You can control your marketing strategies or corporate communications from one location, which further reduces the financial burden on your business. It also reduces customer confusion which might arise through misaligned campaigns as well as any cost implications.

And you can change content on demand. That’s real power.

If you want to do more than just survive in the marketplace this year, make sure that digital signage is one of the tools at your disposal. Used wisely, it will help your business stay ahead of the competition, weather the storm and add real value to your brand.