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Are You Ready For What’s Next? It’s Important!

Matt Crawford
As many of us are watching the news (or not) and waiting to see what happens next, the need to be ready for what's next has never been more important or urgent. Leo Tolstoy once wrote: No matter what the work you are doing, be always ready to drop it. And plan it, so as [...]

Get Ready For The Rebound With Digital Signage

Colin Fraser
Sometimes going forward means you need to go back to basics. Here’s a quick reminder about what digital signage can do for you, and how it can propel your business in the right direction (forwards). Omnichannel is a catch-phrase that’s regaining traction. Successful businesses are those that can pull the online experience into the offline [...]

An Essential Retail Marketing Tool When Working Remotely

Matt Crawford
The pandemic has changed the way that we do so many things. Some are temporary and others are evolving as we continue to learn and adapt. The New York Times recently started a series called ‘Our Changing Lives’ exploring the way we now live. To kick things off they explored the future of work, and [...]

10 Timeless Quotes For Your Project

Matt Crawford
Though the world has changed and the way we conduct business is evolving rapidly, projects are still going ahead. Here are 10 timeless quotes that apply to your project to inspire everything from budgeting through to deployment. 1. A year from now you may wish you had started today ~ Karen Lamb One thing that [...]

The Global Microchip Shortage Is #GettinReal

Matt Crawford
Karen Lamb once wrote: A year from now you may wish you had started today. You can apply that to so many things in life, and in a nutshell, it essentially means the same thing as an even better-known phrase: Sooner, rather than later. On that note, if you have any projects that require any [...]

Help Bridge The Gap With This Off-The-Shelf Technology

Matt Crawford
Contact tracing is arguably one of the best defences against the spread of COVID-19 to-date. A robust contact tracing system combined with extensive and comprehensive testing is proven to help control the spread of the Coronavirus and save lives. One of the challenges that contract tracers have is finding all of the locations that may [...]