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Tech tips and digital signage hacks for an easier life

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Three Good Reasons Why In-Store Music For Retail Will Benefit Your Business

Colin Fraser
Who doesn’t like a good song? It puts you in a great mood and often takes you back to the place when you first heard it. So if that’s happening to you, it’s also happening to your customers. When they hear a song they like it triggers a number of positive emotional responses which can [...]

Good Digital Signage Solves Problems

Matt Crawford
datmedia has a genuine problem-solving culture. It’s a huge part of who we are. Everyone from our team of technical specialists to our Procurement Manager uses good digital signage solutions to solve problems. It's our value story. Clients don’t just come to us to make their stores look great - they partner with us to [...]

Take It Easy With Digital Signage Software

Colin Fraser

Improvements often sit ‘under the hood’ so aren’t always visible to the user but quietly make using Laqorr a better experience.

Indoor Commercial Digital Signage Displays

Colin Fraser

There’s a world of choice when it comes to selecting the indoor display that’s right for your business. It’s easy to be tempted by the cheap price of a low-bright, domestic screen you can order online. But will it last?

Retail Digital Signage Displays Save Time, Save Money

Colin Fraser
Sometimes going forward means you need to go back to basics. Digital signage saves time and money. Here’s a quick reminder about what digital signage solutions can do for you, and how they can propel your business in the right direction (forwards). Digital signage is better than print. Not only is it dynamic and therefore more [...]

Reach Out And Touch A Commercial Display

Colin Fraser

Something we’ve all learned in recent months is how technology can help make businesses ‘friction-free’. It helps us come together while staying an acceptable distance apart.