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Refurbishing? Think Digital Signage!

Colin Fraser
A smart business makes refurbishing with digital signage a priority. Opening a new store or refurbishing an existing one is no small project. There are many stakeholders to satisfy: Store Design, Marketing, IT and of course, the CFO. Although each party has different priorities, the overall objective is about improving the customer journey. That's where [...]

Australian Retail Music Needs You (And You Need Australian Retail Music)

Matt Crawford
The Australian retail music industry is still going through a very challenging time. An industry statement found that the impact of the pandemic on Australia’s entertainment industries has been truly devastating. As John F. Kennedy famously said: “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”. [...]

Good Digital Signage Solves Problems

Matt Crawford
datmedia has a genuine problem-solving culture. It’s a huge part of who we are, because everyone from our technical specialists to the Ops Manager uses good digital signage solutions to solve problems. It's our value story. Clients don’t just want us to make their stores look great - they partner with us to solve their [...]

Retail LED Signage – Don’t Reinvent The Wheel (Or The Cube)

Colin Fraser
When it comes to wow factor, retail LED signage has got what you’re looking for. Whether it’s something as super-cool as this wave machine in Korea, or a more humble display that simply wraps around a pillar in your store, LED panels give you the versatility to do pretty much what you want. The thing [...]

Take It Easy With Digital Signage Software

Colin Fraser

Improvements often sit ‘under the hood’ so aren’t always visible to the user but quietly make using Laqorr a better experience.

Indoor Commercial Digital Signage Displays

Colin Fraser

There’s a world of choice when it comes to selecting the indoor display that’s right for your business. It’s easy to be tempted by the cheap price of a low-bright, domestic screen you can order online. But will it last?