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Busting Myths About Digital Signage

Colin Fraser November 4, 2020
The idea of digital signage can be daunting. When starting out, there are so many questions: what sort of screen should I buy, how big should it be, how is it hung, connected, by USB or a CMS, and what will it all cost? There are so many questions but really, there’s no reason to [...]

Three Ways To Improve Employee Experience With Cloud Devices

Matt Crawford November 4, 2020
There’s a lot of focus on customer experience (CX) in 2020. We know this due to the successful CX event that we co-hosted at Google in Melbourne earlier this year. Although there is no doubt that customer experience is important, consistently good customer experience doesn’t just happen. It’s your team that makes it happen, which [...]

Digital Menu Boards 101

Colin Fraser November 4, 2020
Digital menu boards allow restaurants to change menu items and update prices. You can add (or remove) promotional content across an entire network remotely and seamlessly. And you can do it easily. Unlike static boards and light boxes. This ability to change content at a moment’s notice has made digital menu boards increasingly popular. However [...]

When Moving Into The Cloud

Colin Fraser November 4, 2020
Are you considering taking your company into the cloud? Many businesses are, and there’s never been a better time to get on board with cloud-based technology. Devices are the most affordable they have ever been, equipment failure rates are much lower than ever before and if you are currently refurbishing or renovating, it makes perfect [...]

Refurbishing? Think Digital Signage!

Colin Fraser November 4, 2020
2020 has given many businesses time in which to replan their future and refurbish their stores. Smart businesses included digital signage in their plans. If you’re thinking about refurbishing, you must think about digital signage as well. Opening a new store or refurbishing an existing one is no small project. If it’s part of a [...]

Add Value: Use Dumb Screens With Smart Tech

Matt Crawford August 14, 2020

Through the future-proofing HDMI port on the back of a screen, they can be revived into 21st-century digital signage displays.