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Tech tips and digital signage hacks for an easier life

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It’s Time To Retire The Humble USB

Colin Fraser
We used to have a client who drove across Sydney once a week with a pocket full of USB sticks. He’d visit one of his company’s offices, insert a stick in their digital signage screen then drive on to the next location and do the same. That’s how he updated his network. Actually, this was [...]

Get Better Connected For Better Connections

Colin Fraser
More and more companies have recognised the value of digital signage and kiosks. Among many benefits, it allows real time messaging that keeps their customers, and their staff, better informed. It also facilitates socially distanced engagement which is extremely important to many businesses. In this space, old information is worthless, therefore it’s just as important [...]

Supply Chains and Logistics

Sam Dalzell
The impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is still being felt in the way we do business. Whilst some of the fallout has been minimised here in Australia, the impact that continues to be felt overseas has left a long tail in terms of supply chains and logistics. Contributing factors include: Raw Material Shortages:  Due [...]

Digital Signage Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Colin Fraser
Omnichannel retail has transformed traditional ways of shopping, and ways of reaching consumers. Digital signage has been a major factor in that transformation, becoming central to marketing strategies for most bricks-and-mortar retailers. Yet despite the important role it plays in reaching consumers at a pivotal moment in their journey to purchase, some retailers are failing [...]

Updating Technology Is Essential To Businesses In 2021

Matt Crawford
According to many web polls, most people update their phone every two years. Many device warranties are often only for one, two, or three years. This is even true for some commercial devices. The world we live in is changing faster than ever before and keeping important technology up-to-date can seem like an endless challenge. [...]

Choose Digital Signage Wisely

Colin Fraser
Anyone who has done even the slightest research when choosing a screen for digital signage knows that not all displays are created equally. There are many factors that need to be considered carefully when making your choice. Sure, price is an important one, but it’s how you spend your money, not how much money you [...]