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Digital Signage Strategy for H&R Block

H&R Block needed a digital signage strategy.

The company wasn’t happy with how their digital screen rollout had gone. They went back to basics, worked out where they wanted to be and sought a partner to help them get there.

That partner was us. We collaborated on their digital screen strategy and helped develop an implementation plan. One  that would allow them to customise communication and drive client growth.

Arvind Vesudevan, H&R Block’s National Director, spoke about that process.

Content Strategy

“It started with the kind of screens that we wanted. That they had the right luminosity to be seen through the front windows.  We also moved to datmedia’s Laqorr CMS. It enabled us to have both video and audio playing at the same time when required. So having the right technology was important.

“The second part was then how it was able to be managed from an admin and marketing content perspective. We had to have a simple way to upload videos so we could start creating tailored content.”

H&R Block digital screen
“We want to continue to innovate and be on top of this, not waiting for things to pass us by”

–ARVIND VASUDEVAN, National Director


The project was handed to Jamie Scicluna, National Program Manager. He began implementing the digital screen network into H&R Block offices.

“With 400 locations nationally, consistency is the most important thing.  We want customers to have the same experience whichever location they walk into.

datmedia came to us with an experienced team. Their robust and user friendly technology and a thorough implementation plan has removed headaches and helped take our digital signage to the next level.  Their service commitment has been second to none. Frankly, it’s the biggest positive to our relationship. “

We’re problem solvers at datmedia. Our focus is helping people realise their ambition, communicate with their customers, leverage the potential of digital signage.

Want to know more? Check out the Digital Screen Strategy Case Study where you can watch the full video case study.

If you’re ready to evolve your digital signage strategy like H&R Block, get in touch today. Let’s talk about your future.