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Merry Christmas From The Team at datmedia

Andrew Becker December 15, 2020
A Word From The CEO As the year draws to an end, many of us in our roles would meet with our colleagues and teams to review years events. Normally the meeting agenda would list questions such as Did we make our budget? Was our marketing effective? What product/service worked best? What didn't and why? etc. [...]

Stay Safe With Chrome Enterprise

Colin Fraser December 11, 2020
Many businesses are looking for a mobile device solution for their frontend team. It helps associates be nimble, more proactive and more efficient. They also help customers more readily engage with your organisation. A mobile, cloud-based device helps bring the online world into the physical space. But there’s a concern when deploying a fleet of [...]

Life Just Got Easier For The IT Team

Matt Crawford December 3, 2020
Life just got easier for the IT team. Well, a particular IT team in Rosebery NSW that is. One of our clients is setting up a new store and they just received two Chromebox media players that we sent to them. One will service a display screen for digital signage and the other is for [...]

Five Things To Know About A Good CMS

Colin Fraser November 20, 2020
A good content management system (CMS) is the glue that holds a digital signage network together. No one wants to have several displays in different locations with the only way to update them is to drive around town with a pocket full of USBs. True story - we had a client who did exactly that. [...]

How To Help Customers On Their Journey

Matt Crawford November 12, 2020
I enjoyed a great Working From Home Lunch meeting yesterday (even though I was actually at the office). My Vietnamese Bánh mì was one of the highlights, yet it was the discussion that really made it great. After all the attendees had introduced themselves and their lunch choice, the conversation quickly shifted from customer experience [...]

Google Chromebook: More Than A Laptop

Colin Fraser November 4, 2020
Full disclosure; we use Chromebooks. Why? Because we love them. There are so many reasons why Chromebooks work for us and why they can work for you. Here are three of the best features and how they can help your business. We’ve also included a handy calculator for guidance on the cost savings available when [...]