Heritage Bank

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Success Story

“We put the local community at the centre of our new store designs. Technology helps deliver this as a seamless customer experience.”

Paul Thomson, Senior Manager Property Design and Delivery, Bendigo & Adelaide Bank

The digital revolution has disrupted the role of the traditional bank branch

With over 500 branches nationwide, Bendigo Bank set out to evolve its branch design to reflect today’s customer.

datmedia heritage bank success story

Giving our branch teams the tools to enable better digital engagement provides a hyper local experience that they feel proud of owning.

–Hayden McDonnellm,Design Think Lab, Consumer Customer
Experience, Bendigo & Adelaide Bank

The Objective

  • Repurpose branch spaces to build stronger connections in the community
  • Innovate and provide new experiences for customers when they come through our doors
  • Live true to the purpose of feeding into the prosperity of communities in which the branch operates
  • Hyper-local in-branch communications and messaging
  • Highly contextual, dynamic and automated product information

The results


increase in foot traffic into the innovation branches

From a physical, human and digital perspective, this is a truly ground-breaking project. We’ve worked collaboratively from concept through to completion of each innovation site and are learning heaps from each other along the way.

–Jason Pollard,
Founder, Public Design Group

OUr feedback

“datmedia has truly taken a partnership approach to evolve our branch customer experiences ”

–Kristy Keighran, Senior Manager, Marketing Services, Bendigo & Adelaide Bank

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