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Auto Update Tool Solves Problems

We’re problem solvers at datmedia.

One of our clients, Heritage Bank, had a problem. When interest rates change, it’s imperative that all content- printed or digital – that shows an interest rate has to be up to date. If not, the consequences can be serious.

Automating rate change updates

When rates change, two things happen: new artwork has to be created then those files must be scheduled across a network of screens. The more changes there are, the more room there is for error.

In recent months, interest rates have seen a lot of movement. Finding a reliable, automated solution that reduced human error and increased compliance was essential.

Integrating datmedia’s Auto Update Tool with Laqorr digital signage software now means the right data always reaches customers at the right time – and with minimal human interaction.

auto updates heritage bank case study

Automated Process

datmedia’s Auto Update Tool draws information it requires directly from the ‘source of truth’ via an API. It takes that data – in this case interest rates – to generate and schedule new digital signage files whenever it recognises a change has occurred.

This eliminates human interaction and reduces the risk of publishing old or erroneous information. Failsafe protocols ensures old files are removed so that Heritage Bank’s digital signage network is always up to date, always compliant and always meets regulatory obligations.

More than that, it helps the bank deliver the best customer experience. Don’t take our word for it, watch the short video below and, when you’ve more time, the full length video here.

“Automating the process removed the element of human error and significantly reduced overall risk to the bank”

–MEGAN TUMMON, Senior Manager, Customer Marketing and Brand

laqorr content management system

Significantly, the Auto Update Tool is not limited to interest rate changes. Any source of data can be mapped to any digital design – from trading hours to spot sales. Imagine how easily you can communicate to your customers, creating data-driven artwork on demand. Image what that can do you for your business!

If you’re ready to evolve your digital signage experience like Heritage Bank, get in touch today. Let’s talk about your future.