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How To Help Customers On Their Journey

I enjoyed a great Working From Home Lunch meeting yesterday (even though I was actually at the office). My Vietnamese Bánh mì was one of the highlights, yet it was the discussion that really made it great. After all the attendees had introduced themselves and their lunch choice, the conversation quickly shifted from customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) to buyer personas and customer journey mapping.

It was refreshing to talk to an IT leader (not a marketer) who had such a firm grasp on who their customers are, how they transact and a crystal clear understanding of their typical paths to purchase. Even though it was possible to carve their buyer personas into three distinct groups, it was evident that almost every path to purchase is unique.

In 2020, online research and transactions have skyrocketed (for obvious reasons). However, conditions have also shown us just how important the physical presence of brands and organisations is to the way that we purchase. A recent report conducted by payment provider Adyen revealed that although 33% of those surveyed say they will shop online more often now, 72% of respondents still prefer to shop in-store (here in Australia – more than any other country).

So it’s important to understand that the customer journey is more than just online, or in-store.  Shane Lenton, Chief Information & Digital Officer at Cue Clothing Co. explained in a recent article that: “It’s imperative we engage with customers in a holistic sense rather than look at them as online or offline customers – that’s a thing of the past”.

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Along every path to purchase are important opportunities to engage with and help customers. Google calls them Micro-Moments. Some of these moments will happen online, some on mobile devices and others will be in a physical space somewhere. One of the best ways to help your customers is to meet them wherever they may be and become a trusted guide for the rest of their journey.

Mapping your business’ unique customer journey can help focus your strategy, solve business problems, create contextually relevant content and ultimately add value for your customers.

Here are some handy resources to help create your customer journey map(s):

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If digital touchpoints in the physical space are something on your customer journey map that you would like to explore, we are here to help. The events of 2020 have accelerated digital transformation plans that may have been floundering for a while. Now is the time to ensure that organisations establish the right platform to unify business processes, deploy future-proof technology and delight their customers. Thanks for reading and sharing.

This article was originally published on LinkedIn as How to help customers on their journey