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Helping Healthcare With Digital Signage

From hospitals to local GPs, across the country our healthcare workers are doing an incredible job. They’ve turned a terrifying threat that was poised to overwhelm the country into what’s becoming, fingers crossed, a manageable illness. For some, one of the tools in their belt has been digital signage.


Getting information to people has been the key. In the middle of a stressful situation, helping people understand that situation is crucial, and that’s something that digital signage can do incredibly well. Take wayfinding for instance. Simple questions like ‘where can I get something to eat’ or ‘where is the toilet’ can be answered through digital signage and QR codes. It’s vital for people navigating an unfamiliar environment like a large hospital or medical centre, especially when your mind is, understandably, elsewhere.

You Are Here

Interactive touch screen technology gives people a self-service option, and a sense of control over their circumstances. It’s the same with queuing systems; understanding how you fit into the busy environment around you helps reduce stress levels, and helps people have a better experience.

It also helps take some of the burden off staff. A surprising amount of time is devoted to giving visitors directions or assisting them in ways that digital signage can otherwise do. It frees up time for staff to focus on more urgent matters.

Helping Hand

They can also help staff in more direct ways. Employee messages can be separated from public display and used to inform and engage staff. Basic safety reminders, staff achievements or training opportunities are simple ways that help foster a sense of community in the workplace. Everyone likes to be congratulated on a job well done, and healthcare workers often have a very hard job.

It doesn’t stop there. You can promote donors, fundraisers, blood drives and other important public events. If you offer classes, or workshops in health and safety matters, digital signage can help there too. Investing in digital signage pays for itself in so many different ways; helping make lives a little easier, and a little safer, is certainly one of them.

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