LED Signage

Customise an LED video wall to fit an unusual space. Create extra impact for your messages. You design the layout; run content as one image or mix it up with multiple images and videos.

LED Digital Signage

Take large-format to the next level with  unparalleled flexibility

LED digital signage
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customised to fit any space

LED Signage

Our commercial-grade LED walls take large format digital to new levels.

LED displays can be totally customised to fit any space including indoor, outdoor, front-windows and wrap-around or contoured layouts.

Endless configuration of LED  allows you to display your content as one image across all screens, or display multiple images and videos separately in your chosen layout. 

We can also help with content strategy and production to complete your end-to-end LED digital signage solution. 

Combine high resolution panels with expert installation and our powerful content management system to create dynamic LED displays for your business.

LED screens

We make digital signage easy for Australian multi-site businesses. Our expert team takes care of design, sourcing, installation, local support and a powerful content management system.

Things to consider with your hardware selections are:

  • Location
  • Viewing distance
  • Ambient light
  • What content will it be displaying?
  • Who will be looking at it?  And when?
  • How big and how bright does your display need to be?

Features and benefits

  • Increase walk-ins
  • Engage customers
  • Increase sales 
  • Twice the recall of posters
  • Better communicate promotions
  • Dynamic video content and live feeds
  • Configurable layout for better engagement
  • Update content remotely
  • Instant or scheduled changes
  • Save on printing costs
  • datmedia 7-day technical support
  • Hardware backed by commercial warranty
  • 5 years stress free capped plans
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Get all the answers!

Download our LED Buying Guide for Retailers and leverage this next generation of digital display technology. Successfully implement LED into your in-store experience.

Whether you’re an experienced hand or a first-timer, LED displays deliver a new set of benefits.

Used well, they’ll take your brand to the next level.

datmedia LED Buying Guide
We have the experience and expertise to provide you with a cost-effective, fully-managed LED signage solution.
  • Demonstrating ROI to key stakeholders to get your project approved
  • Delivering the features you need to achieve campaign goals 
  • Meeting your IT security and connectivity requirements
  • Offering capped plans with no nasty surprises
  • Project managing the install for you

Our team speaks fluent marketing, IT and operations and we are ISO9001 certified, which means we have the experience and expertise to work with large organisations.

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Free digital signage playbook

Download our must have guide to a
successful digital signage strategy
datmedia digital signage playbook
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Our Work

datmedia has partnered with many leading companies to help them transform the way they do business. Here are some of those projects.

H&R Block

Inside H&R Block’s digital signage screen strategy; customised communications to drive client growth

Auto Update Tool

datmedia’s Auto Update Tool helped Heritage Bank reduce risk by automating interest rate updates on screens

Our Resources

Check out our guides and resources to help you implement digital signage successfully
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What that means is we’re committed to quality and constantly getting better at what we do. We continually monitor and review our business and team, then implement changes if needed, to meet and maintain the principles of the ISO 9001 standards.