Laqorr CMS

Laqorr is a cloud-based content management system designed to make digital signage easy. The user-friendly interface simplifies content scheduling, assigning users and running reports.

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Laqorr CMS

Laqorr is easy content management for digital signage.

Customer Experience

Laqorr Content Management System

Laqorr* is datmedia’s proprietary content management software, a cloud-based CMS designed especially for enterprise clients who want to manage multiple players, screens and locations quickly and securely.

If you need control over your digital signage no matter where you are, Laqorr’s web interface runs every aspect of your digital signage from scheduling and distribution to player management and screen control.

Drag-and-drop functionality allows you to easily update playlists and direct content to any number of players (or groups of players) in your network.

Built for enterprise, Laqorr is a fit, agile solution for any sized business.

Sophisticated yet user-friendly, Laqorr will enable and empower your team to manage every device and content schedule whether on a single display or a multi-site national network.

We can also help with content strategy and production to complete your end-to-end digital signage solution.

chrome os

We recommend Chrome OS for managing devices that use Laqorr.

Laqorr is also compatible with Samsung’s Tizen OS, as well as Android and Windows OS, for displays with in-built media players.

tizen os

*Many people ask. Laqorr is pronounced La-Core


Features and benefits

  • User-friendly, centralised web interface
  • Easy to update content, playlists and players
  • Cloud-based control of all players and displays
  • Platform agnostic compatibility
  • No servers or software to install
  • SSL Security, authenticated and encrypted server communication
  • Backed by datmedia 7 day technical support
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Business outcomes

Featured success stories

datmedia has partnered with many leading companies to help them transform the way they do business. Here are some of those stories.

Bendigo Bank

Bendigo Bank set out to evolve its branch design to reflect the expectation of today’s customer. They wanted technology to deliver a seamless experience.

Gelato Messina

At Gelato Messina, they wanted to pair existing digital assets with new technology to create in-store excitement about their story and products.