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Updating Technology Is Essential To Businesses In 2021

According to many web polls, most people update their phone every two years. Many device warranties are often only for one, two, or three years. This is even true for some commercial devices. The world we live in is changing faster than ever before and keeping important technology up-to-date can seem like an endless challenge.

When I received my recent electricity bill, it was clear that my solar system was no longer working as it should. It was the biggest electricity bill that I have seen since we installed our panels and it shocked me into taking action. I kind of knew even before I called the solar company to come and see what the problem was, that I was probably going to have to invest in some new equipment.

Sure enough, the inverter wasn’t even turning on and there were various other system failures. As the system had been installed over 10 years ago, a warranty claim wasn’t even an option. So when the quote came in with two choices I needed to have a good think about each of them and more importantly what I wanted for the future.

I wanted to play my part towards Net Zero by 2050 of course, however, it was also an important time to think about return on investment. Do I simply replace the failing component, or do I take advantage of current incentives and replace the whole system? If I just replaced the failing unit, it will almost certainly outlast the rest of the system and will probably cost more in the long run (for both the equipment and on my electricity bill).

So now I have a new solar energy system that even has an app on my phone to show me how much money I am making and how much energy I am producing, along with how many trees I am saving and other environmental impact metrics. More importantly, the technology is up-to-date and has new warranties.

digital signage bernie

Many early adopters of digital signage now have ageing equipment yet it is serving a purpose that is now more important than ever before. That important purpose? – Supporting businesses and their customers during the COVID19 pandemic and into the future as consumers change the way they transact. With the equipment outside (or approaching the end of) warranties, updating technology is essential to businesses in 2021.

For eligible businesses that need to update equipment before March 12th, 2021, the Australian Government’s Instant Asset Write-Off scheme could mean that eligible businesses can claim an immediate deduction for the business portion of the cost of an asset in the year the asset is first used or installed ready for use.

datmedia do not offer financial advice, just a world-class digital signage service and CMS. However, if it helps, we can help facilitate an Operating Lease to update technology that hasn’t been included in a capital expenditure budget. Whether it’s updating technology, streamlining operations, or even just another quirky Bernie Sanders meme, we are here to help.

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Computer image credit: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory