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Get Support From Customer Support

Every company offers customer support but to butcher Orwell, some support is more equal than others.

Every company offers customer support but (to butcher Orwell) some support is more equal than others.

Who hasn’t spent an hour on the phone waiting for someone to help resolve their problem, only to reach a support agent unable, or unwilling, to listen? It’s frustrating when you get indifference instead of assistance, and it is one of the biggest drivers of churn.

Supporting our clients is something we take very seriously at datmedia. Whether that’s helping with an account query, helping with a content scheduling issue, or helping when equipment stops doing what it is meant to do. We help, that’s what we do, and our technical support team is on the frontline.

Technology fails and when it does, many companies defer to a simple replacement policy. That’s fine when faulty equipment is under warranty. What happens when it’s not? There’s a cost involved and that usually falls to you.

But there are alternatives to expensive replacement. Online troubleshooting often fixes troublesome technology. If it’s more serious, having a technician adjust settings on site, repair a faulty unit or replace an operating system might be all that’s needed. The expertise we offer is more cost-effective than a cookie-cutter replacement policy.

Because we want the best outcome for our clients, we’ll explore all the options.

When you’re exploring a cloud-based technology solution, we know you have many choices. You’re looking for a good outcome so make sure that excellent, local support is factored into your decision.

You’ll be paying for it no matter which company you choose to partner with. So choose a partner who takes the time, and makes the effort, to give you the support you deserve. Your staff, your customers and your bottom line will thank you for it.

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