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See You On Google Meet

With video conferencing now a must-have in your office at home or at work, you need to choose a platform that’s right for you.

With video conferencing (VC) a must-have in your office environment, whether that’s at work or when working from home, you need to choose a platform that’s right for you. Price comes into it, but usually the one that works for you is the one that just works – click and connect.

Naturally there are a swag of platforms to choose from. While Skype is well known for bringing people together virtually, Zoom has since become a byword for VC. Others use FaceTime, or ClickMeeting, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, Lifesize… There are plenty to choose from and each has its good points.

We’d like to talk about one of the best, Google Meet. A little because (full disclosure) we’re a Google Partner but mostly because we use it ourselves. A lot. And we love it.

Google Meet is an improved version of Google Hangouts, now part of the G Suite office productivity platform. It’s had a makeover and with a new look, a new purpose: providing a first-class VC service.

Like so many G Suite products, Google Meet makes it easier to work with external clients by providing a web app experience. This means there is no software to download, no special hardware required. You also get a dedicated dial-in number for anyone who wants to join the conference but is in a data-compromised area.

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Google Meet is built for business and scaled for enterprise so it handles a lot of people with ease. It operates on a secure foundation, keeping users safe, data secure, and information private. Last month, the platform handled over 100m daily participants. Impressive? We think so.

Because it’s part of G-Suite, Meet integrates with other apps like Google Calendar so you can easily plan meetings, send invites and provide information users might need to sign in. Screen-sharing and chat functions are included.

Most attractive, at least for us, is that it doesn’t come with the big bills you can expect of some other providers. In fact, Google Meet is currently free for business or any individual with a Gmail account. And they’re free too!

What’s not to like? Google has a lot of online resources about Meet, or if you want to talk to someone who uses it all day, everyday, talk to us.

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