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Listen To The Message

That’s not what you’d expect to read from a company whose mainstay is signage, but datmedia is also a supplier of in-store music. We help organisations leverage cloud-based technology to connect with their customers, and music is a fantastic way to do that.

The retail industry has experienced major disruptions in the past, but consumer preferences and shopping patterns have never shifted so quickly as they have in recent months. As well as changing how they shop, the reasons why consumers shop has also changed forever. Retailers need to draw on data-driven insights to re-engage with consumers.

Studies into the benefits of in-store music consistently tell us two things – it lowers customers’ perceived wait times while increasing dwell time. Why? Because music makes people feel better, they linger longer and that in turn stimulates sales activity.

We are registered with all the background music organisations (ARIA, APRA-AMCOS and OneMusic) and have an accomplished history in providing our clients with retail friendly music solutions supported by (often vendor funded) in-store messages and ads.

It’s easy to insert messages between songs. That might be promotions, brand messages, updates on security, alerts or, well, anything really.

One of the ways we’ve been helping our clients recently is to leverage their background music solution to advise customers about their COVID-19 related restrictions and rules of engagement. This helps build trust and increase confidence in your organisation.

Our library of over 4,500 retail friendly songs is regularly updated with new music and the latest hits. We filter additions for consistency and ensure they’re suitable for any audience.

And because it’s not a streaming service, you don’t have to worry about connectivity. The music keeps on playing even when your internet connection doesn’t.

We have clients who initially ran in-store music as a pilot project in key locations. Initial feedback was so positive that by the end of the pilot, they made the decision to install our music solution in all future store refurbishments.

You can read more about in-store music here. Get in touch if you’d like to talk to us about a music-and-messaging service for your organisation.