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Take It Easy With Digital Signage Software

Improvements often sit ‘under the hood’ so aren’t always visible to the user but quietly make using Laqorr a better experience.

Not so long ago, business had a little more time on its hands. We took that opportunity to navel-gaze, drink tea and think about how we could do business better. Improving signage software was one of the first things we looked at.

As an ISO 9001 Quality Assured business, we constantly look for ways to refine how we operate. Utilising our Quality Management framework, we identified a number of areas where we can make things even faster, smoother and more straightforward.

First out the bag was another set of refinements to Laqorr, our digital signage software Content Management System. Often these updates sit ‘under the hood’ so aren’t always visible to the user. Recent security upgrades are an example of how we quietly make Laqorr a better user experience.

Another significant improvement is Playlist-Free Scheduling. This feature means you no longer have to assign a player to a group-and-playlist. Simply load a media file, assign it to a player (or players) and let Laqorr worry about scheduling while you have a cup of tea.

It’s another example of how Laqorr really is easy content management for digital signage.

If you want to learn more about how Playlist-Free Scheduling works, or how digital signage software like Laqorr can help make running your network easy, please get in touch.

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