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Google Chromebook: More Than A Laptop

Full disclosure; we use Chromebooks. Why? Because we love them.

There are so many reasons why Chromebooks work for us and why they can work for you. Here are three of the best features and how they can help your business. We’ve also included a handy calculator for guidance on the cost savings available when switching to Chromebooks.

The Big Three

Chromebooks reduce IT, hardware and licensing fees. Chromebooks are secure. Chromebooks enable your mobile teams and frontline workers. Let’s find out how.

Save Money

Every organisation needs to reduce expenditure where it can. When deploying a new fleet of devices, it’s not just the upfront costs that matter. IT management, technical support and licensing feeds adds to the operational costs of investing in technology. There’s also the hidden costs associated with inefficiencies that old or tired hardware means for your teams. Chromebooks save you money because of the significant benefits and low-touch impact of running devices on Chrome OS. Technical support is minimised for much the same reason along with the rugged, commercial build of Chromebooks. Finally, the licensing structure of Chrome OS is cost effective, especially at scale.

Safe and Secure

Chrome OS is both safe and secure. Here’s a great example that made the difference for one of our clients, a financial institution. They wanted to bring a cloud-native, mobile device to their customers in a branch and give them access to their accounts. Obviously security was a great concern, but after every user session a Chromebook will reset and erase ALL of the data from that session. As well as resolving any security concerns, that simple action also builds trust between the bank and its clients, and that’s powerful.

Team Enablement

Detaching your frontline workers from a desk or terminal enables them to deliver the best customer experience your organisation can offer. They can help create a seamless experience as customers transition through online to offline shopping, and by placing a Chromebook in their hands, you help your team reach their full potential. It builds customer satisfaction which, backed by the trust generated by Chrome OS, translates into improved sales.

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Chromebooks are available in a variety of form factors to ensure you get the right fit for your business. Learn more about the value proposition they offer, not only in upfront costs but long term savings as your team members become more efficient, and more productive.

Check out this handy calculator which demonstrates the savings that a Chromebook can mean for your organisation.

If you’re thinking about a new fleet of portable devices for your business, or updating the one you already have, let’s talk about the Chromebook and options available to you.

We can demonstrate many of the advantages of a Chromebook but more importantly, we can show how it can add value to your business.