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Retail LED Signage – Don’t Reinvent The Wheel (Or The Cube)

When it comes to wow factor, retail LED signage has got what you’re looking for. Whether it’s something as super-cool as this wave machine in Korea, or a more humble display that simply wraps around a pillar in your store, LED panels give you the versatility to do pretty much what you want.

The thing to remember is that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You need some imagination, a handful of LED panels and a content management system (CMS) to drive them. We recommend digital signage software like Laqorr (see below) . Although other systems in the market are also capable of delivering results.

led digital signage

Take this eye-catching cube effect outside a Uniqlo store in Tokyo. Ingredients:

  • 6xLED panels
  • Content Management System
  • Imagination
  • Milk crate (optional)

It may look complicated in terms of hardware, but it’s not. To create a video cube, all you need are six LED panels and a CMS that delivers dynamic video content. You can use a milk crate to prop up the panels while creating the cube, and afterwards to sit on while admiring your handiwork.

Creating the eye-catching content will require some concentration – this is true for any digital signage deployment – but once that’s in place you can let the software do the work.

By taking digital signage into a more creative space, your store becomes a talking point. That interest drives traffic that drives sales. This is why you have a digital signage network in the first place.

datmedia led digital signage

And as you can see, whether you create a cube or any other form-factor, the setup and installation process is effectively the same, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. The only limitation is your imagination.

If you’re interested in exploring new ways of reaching customers without reinventing the wheel, talk to us about the power (and wow-factor) of retail LED signage