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Why You Need To Know The Numbers Behind Digital Signage

Everyone loves a good number. Here are some of the best about digital signage and what it can do for your business.

Everyone loves a good number. Here’s how they add up in digital signage and what they can do for your business.

Digital signage in all its forms – indoor and outdoor display screens, video walls, touch kiosks, mobile devices – has incredible power to inform and to educate. It’s an engaging communication tool that improves efficiency and reduces operating costs – a set of numbers business owners watch closely, along with ROI.

So let’s look at some figures.

At 42%, growth in digital signage is largest in North America. Here in Australia it struggles to reach 2%. This is a good thing for the early adopter who gets to stand out from the competition and gain all the efficiencies of improved operating cost and ROI.

Because brands that use digital signage report 24% increased store traffic, 47% recall and a 33% uplift in sales compared to other channels (static posters for instance), the advantage of digital signage is evident. You also save on printing and shipping costs, as well as time lost to monitoring compliance.

It’s not simply retail that benefits. All sectors that use digital signage point to improvements and have numbers to back up their claims.

  • 30% of restaurant customers find digital menus influential

  • 52% of healthcare patients get information from digital signage

  • 60% of banks use digital signage for customer communication

  • 71% of consumers feel digital signage has more impact than online ads

If you want to take advantage of the benefit of being a new kid on the signage block, you’ll have to be quick. Digital transformations are happening fast: 60% of businesses without a digital signage plan investing in it over the next 36 months.

We have plenty more numbers on the subject of digital signage. Give us a call and learn how we can help shape your winning signage strategy.

*Source: MVIX USA

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