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Whitepaper: Power Your Frontline Workforce With The Cloud

Here’s something to contemplate.
80% of the global workforce does not sit behind a desk*.

That’s over two and a half billion workers who aren’t tethered to an office, many of which who now use job-transforming cloud tools do their job. Like a doctor, or the delivery guy who just dropped off your lunch.

They are often the first people your customers connect with, and first impressions last. A worker who knows their job and – most importantly – has information at their fingertips, leaves the best impression of all. It translates to a great customer experience, and that supports your bottom line.

Transforming Your CX?  Don’t forget the EX!

Cloud device technology has revolutionised the delivery of engaging digital experiences into bricks and mortar stores or branches.  But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed. A great in-store customer experience nearly always involves a satisfying interaction with a frontline sales associate or product specialist.

When you are upgrading your in-store customer engagement tech, consider how you can better enable your team members at the same time.

indoor digital signage

Once you free your staff from legacy limitations, productivity soars. They value the speed, convenience, collaboration, fluidity and security of working in the cloud. The question is, how do you empower your frontline worker with CX-transforming cloud tools?

1. Make your frontline team part of your cloud device conversation 

They’re the backbone of any customer experience, and deserve access to the same cloud-based productivity tools that have already improved the day-to-day for information workers.

2. Remember that frontline workers are customer experience ambassadors

First impressions can become lasting ones, so make sure the impression of your company is a great one. Afterall, customers who have the best experiences spend 140% more.†

3. Many frontline workers are ready and willing to adopt cloud based technologies.

All of us regularly use cloud tools in our personal lives, and most want them at work as well. 53% of frontline workers use unapproved cloud messaging apps for work-related reasons but 68% said they’d stop if given approved internal communication tools.^ Don’t fight your staff, empower them.

4. datmedia supports your frontline workforce with Chrome Enterprise  

Chrome Enterprise was made for a cloud-first workforce. With benefits like fast deployment, company agility, built-in security, ease of use, and a strong multi-user experience, Chrome Enterprise ensures that IT and frontline workers alike can work better in the cloud.

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If you’d like to learn more about empowering your frontline workforce, download this whitepaper prepared by Chrome Enterprise. It has a wealth of information, ideas and inspiration as you continue your journey into the cloud.

Please get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you find the right cloud based technologies to empower your frontline workers, and transform your business.


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