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When Moving Into The Cloud

Are you considering taking your company into the cloud? Many businesses are, and there’s never been a better time to get on board with cloud-based technology.

Devices are the most affordable they have ever been, equipment failure rates are much lower than ever before and if you are currently refurbishing or renovating, it makes perfect sense to include cloud-based tech in the budget.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a cloud partner, especially when you’re looking at a digital signage network, or networked devices designed to empower your frontline workers.

There are so many ways to join the cloud. You could hook up a couple of laptops bought from a discount retailer to some random, cloud drive. Arguably you can share data, but is it secure? Is it properly networked? Are the laptops robust enough for the environment you want them to operate in?

It’s the same with digital signage. A cheap screen with a flash drive will play videos and images; and for some companies, that’s enough. But it’s impossible to network content, it’s difficult to manage updates and, again, is it robust? Will the screens survive in a tough, commercial environment. Most importantly, will the warranty cover inevitable failures?

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Here are three things you must put at the top of any list when buying into the cloud.

  1. Account Management

Some partners are more interested in getting the ‘sale’ than starting a relationship. Because cloud-based technology will play an important role in your company’s digital transformation and will be a valuable customer-facing tool for your marketing strategy, you’ll need a partner that has your long-term best interests in mind. They’ll need to solve complex challenges, offer objective, best-practice advice and be available when you need them.

  1. Technical Support

In a perfect world nothing would ever go wrong with your new cloud-based devices. However if any technical support is required you want your staff to be able to pick up the phone and resolve any issue with a friendly, capable and, above all, experienced client support officer. Their ability to turn a technical complication into a remarkable customer experience will be important to your staff and their productivity.

  1. System Training

Seldom do you buy a device and know how to use it. Given you’re buying them for digital signage or frontline users, you’d hope that was the case. Therefore you’ll need training, whether that’s in basic troubleshooting or running a content management system such as Laqorr for your commercial digital signage solution. Although most CMS’s are designed to be somewhat user-friendly, initial training for your marketing team is essential. One of the reasons you are considering a cloud based solution is to improve productivity. Professional system training will ensure that your team is operating with maximum efficiency.


The best deal isn’t always the cheapest price. The best solution is when the cloud partner you choose adds real value to your business. Technology, prices, equipment and even the installation processes are often comparable. Where your new business partner will shine is when you need them after it’s all up and running.

Give us a call when you’re ready to move into the cloud. Whether that’s indoor or outdoor digital signage, touch screens or portable devices, we’ll talk about what’s best for your business and help you achieve an outcome that adds real value.