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Use COVID-Smart Technology

Any business that wants to stay open in the COVID-safe economy needs to keep customers safe and comfortable COVID-smart technology.

Any business that wants to stay open in the COVID-safe economy needs to manage customer traffic. Gone are the Boxing Day scramble of crowded stores. Today you need to keep your customers comfortable and safe with COVID-smart technology.

Although every organisation is different and every requirement unique, there are a number of solutions to the challenges you face keeping your business compliant and your customers safe.

As restrictions imposed at the height of the pandemic ease, it’s widely understood that physical distancing, and encouraging good hygiene practices, will be with us for some time.

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Yet this new way of retailing raises many questions. How do you monitor the number of customers entering your store? How do you help give them enough space to do the right thing while shopping? What’s a practical way to provide hand sanitiser?

We have a number of different technical solutions to help manage customer traffic that will help give you, and your customers, peace of mind. These are the some of the features and benefits you can expect from leveraging cloud-based technology:

  • Reliable and accurate sensors to ensure compliance with minimal disruption

  • Engage customers and increase confidence

  • Reduce staffing overheads in managing customer flow

  • Analytical reporting facilitates better customer traffic during peak periods

  • Inbuilt capacity warnings including alerts to nominated devices

  • Digital signage integration for on-brand messaging

  • Backed by datmedia 7 day technical support

Get in touch to learn more about what options are available and how we can help you become COVID-smart and stay COVID-safe.

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