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This Is Why You Should Try Our Special Sauce

The special sauce is the key ingredient to make something, well, ‘special’. The dictionary defines special as: Something that is better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual.

In 1974 McDonald’s created a jingle for their Big Mac in which it spelled out the ingredients of the now-famous burger. Most of which could be found on almost any burger except the special sauce. It was the differentiator! datmedia’s differentiator (or special sauce) is our content management system (CMS), Laqorr. Unlike McDonald’s, I’m going to disclose our special sauce ingredients up-front and what makes it so special.

For the rest of this blog post (and for light entertainment purposes), I am going to refer to other digital signage companies as ‘burgers’ 🍔.

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Ingredients (special, but not secret)

  • Locally owned, developed and maintained – Many other burgers use or license a CMS from overseas. That’s fine, and some of them do a great job, but wouldn’t you like your burger sauce to be homegrown from the finest ingredients? Certainly helps when you have dietary requirements that may need some tweaking.
  • It’s our very own! – datmedia developed Laqorr from the ground up and license it to other companies (and burgers). We have total control over the ingredients, flavours and nutritional value.
  • Unlimited scale – Laqorr is simple to use regardless of how many screens are in the network. In fact, some scheduling tasks are actually more productive for a network of hundreds of screens. Other burger joints just can’t keep up when head office needs catering.
  • Laqorr enables control of devices and content – Almost all digital signage content management systems allow control of, and often scheduling of content. However, device management can often be a headache for the IT department. Laqorr’s baked-in, simple yet sophisticated device management tools make it as easy as squeezing special sauce from a  bottle.
  • Auto scheduling – Saving the best ingredient for last, this one adds flavour and value! Laqorr’s auto scheduling tool saves marketing teams hours of time while streamlining workflows. This ingredient really helps make our special sauce very special. It is SO good, in fact, that I have included a 60 second video feel here:

I hope this has got your mouth watering to try our special sauce 😋 During this time of remote and hybrid work models, Laqorr has also become an essential retail marketing tool when working remotely for marketing teams everywhere. They love our special sauce!

So if your burger joint isn’t cutting the mustard, or even if you’d just like to enjoy a cheeky taste of our special sauce, please get in contact and we can even organise Uber Eats.

Bon appétit, or as they say in Hamburg, Germany (where the hamburger originated), Genieße dein Essen 🍽️

Thanks for reading and sharing 👍