Touch Screen Kiosks

Consumers want to learn more about a product, and they want to do it easily. Commercial touch screen technology is a vital part of that journey.

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Touch Screen Kiosks

An interactive, touch screen consumer experience at your fingertips.

Customer Experience

Touch Screen Kiosks

Customers want all the information, convenience and functionality they can find, and it begins with commercial touch screen technology.

Throughout the path to purchase, today’s consumers want to learn more about a product, and they want to do it quickly and easily. Touch screen kiosks are a vital part of that journey.

Touch Screen kiosks bring a seamless omni-channel experience to the in-store environment. Building that experience involves multiple stakeholders, departments, technologies, budgets and objectives.

It requires not just a technical solution but an experienced partner who will take the time to understand you and deliver a successful project – from initial concept to implementation.

Whether through touch screen technology, digital interactive kiosk systems or retail kiosk solutions, datmedia works with key stakeholders to understand how you want to bring digital information to customers in-store.

We work with you to design and refine the commercial touch screen experience and bring it to life on sleek, robust interactive digital kiosks which have been purpose-built for your requirements.

Read our product guide to learn more about touch screen kiosks.

Features and benefits

  • Engage consumers and increase sales with touch screen technology
  • Display web pages, images and dynamic video content
  • Update content remotely to make instant or scheduled changes
  • Manage devices at scale via your cloud based admin console
  • Hardware is backed by commercial warranty and datmedia 7 day technical support
  • Backed by commercial warranty and datmedia 7 day technical support
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Business outcomes

Featured success stories

datmedia has partnered with many leading companies to help them transform the way they do business. Here are some of those stories.

Bendigo Bank

Bendigo Bank set out to evolve its branch design to reflect the expectation of today’s customer. They wanted technology to deliver a seamless experience.

Gelato Messina

At Gelato Messina, they wanted to pair existing digital assets with new technology to create in-store excitement about their story and products.