Improve sales and optimise customer experience with cloud-based technology. We have various in-store solutions to enhance retail experiences through digital signage displays, touch screen kiosks, Chromebooks, in-store music and more.

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Retail customers expect their online experience to follow them wherever they go, along with a human touch from empowered frontline staff.

Vertical Expertise


While the role of stores has changed, the in-store experience remains as important as ever.

As businesses leverage technology to deliver relevant experiences, they are grappling with added complexity, the cost and friction new technology can add to their operations.

How do you achieve the right integration of digital into the physical retail space?

Let us help you connect with your customers through a range of cloud-enabled devices including indoor or outdoor digital signage, touch screen kiosks, video walls or LED displays.

We also have software solutions that support these devices at scale and allow you to centrally manage your cloud-based network from any location.

From a single display to a multi-site national network, we have the experience and expertise to provide you with a cost-effective and fully-managed solution.

We can help you with hardware choices, procurement and installation.

We can also help with content strategy and production to complete your end-to-end indoor digital signage solution.

Features and benefits

  • Engage consumers and increase sales with cloud based technology
  • Better communicate your promotions and save on printing costs
  • Display images, dynamic video content and live feeds
  • Update content remotely to make instant or scheduled changes
  • Energy saving functionality can be managed with datmedia’s CMS software
  • Hardware is backed by commercial warranty and datmedia 7 day technical support
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datmedia vertical expertise retail
datmedia vertical expertise retail
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Business outcomes

Featured success stories

datmedia has partnered with many leading companies to help them transform the way they do business. Here are some of those stories.

Bendigo Bank

Bendigo Bank set out to evolve its branch design to reflect the expectation of today’s customer. They wanted technology to deliver a seamless experience.

Gelato Messina

At Gelato Messina, they wanted to pair existing digital assets with new technology to create in-store excitement about their story and products.