Corporate Communications

Communicate business information, company updates, employee achievements and streamline workflows with cloud-based technology. Digital signage and touch screens improve staff and guest experiences.

Corporate Communications

Build brand, culture and productivity 

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Corporate Communications

Communicate internally about WHS information, company updates, employee achievements. Connect employees, management and visitors with corporate communications and digital ‘bulletin boards’.

Leverage the ability to update messages in real time so corporate communications are always relevant. You can even stream live feeds and web hosted dashboards.

Control which content plays on which screens (eg reception area, lunch room, sales floor) to ensure messages reach the right audience.

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Improve guest experiences with welcome messages, directions and other relevant company information.

From a single display to a multi-site national network, we have the experience and expertise to provide you with a cost-effective and fully-managed solution. We can help with hardware choices, procurement and installation. We’ve even got a content management system (Laqorr) ready to glue it all together.

Find out how a cloud-based corporate communications strategy delivers results.

Features and benefits

  • Engage staff and inform guests 
  • Targeted communications
  • Dynamic content and live feeds
  • Instant or scheduled changes
  • Safe and secure connectivity
  • Choose from a variety of form factors
  • Backed by commercial warranty 
  • datmedia 7 day technical support
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Our Work

datmedia has partnered with many leading companies to help them transform the way they do business. Here are some of those projects.

H&R Block

Inside H&R Block’s digital signage screen strategy; customised communications to drive client growth

Auto Update Tool

datmedia’s Auto Update Tool helped Heritage Bank reduce risk by automating interest rate updates on screens

Our Resources

Check out our guides and resources to help you implement digital signage successfully
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