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Retail Digital Signage Displays Save Time, Save Money

Sometimes going forward means you need to go back to basics. Digital signage saves time and money. Here’s a quick reminder about what digital signage solutions can do for you, and how they can propel your business in the right direction (forwards).

Digital signage is better than print. Not only is it dynamic and therefore more eye-catching, Neilson tells us that 80% of 120 grocers they were tracking reported a 33% boost in sales because of digital signage.*

Why? Because with cloud based digital signage software it’s easy to update content and therefore be current. Customers trust the message. You can also tailor the message to different times of the day, or days of the week. So when a customer sees your promotion they know it’s relevant, and they trust it.

That trust turns into sales. 68% of shoppers say they are more inclined to buy a product that’s advertised on digital signage. So if you’re promoting a high-margin item on-screen, and over-two thirds of your customers feel better about that product because of digital signage, it soon leads to more sales and increased profits.

the cost of digital signage

Retail Digital Signage has great ROI

Put simply, digital signage pays for itself while bolstering your bottom line (and with financial headwinds blowing our way, that’s a good thing to remember).

Despite what many think, retail digital signage is not expensive. You save on the cost of print runs, you save the time your staff spends hanging posters, and you control compliance from one central location (i.e. your laptop) as your entire marketing campaign is dispatched securely to all displays in every location, all at the press of a button.

Integrating with digital signage software makes it easy. Our content management system has been purpose built to help you save time AND money. If that sounds appealing, we’ve plenty more ideas that could help you with your strategy to cut costs, reduce waste and beat your targets.

Book a no-obligation 1:1 Discovery Meeting and we’ll shout you lunch. And if you want to get hands-on with the tech, we can send you a Free Demo Device. Nothing beats trying things out in your own time right?

In short, there’s no business on the planet today that won’t benefit from digital signage and the suite of cloud-based technologies we can introduce you to.