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Refurbishing? Think Digital Signage!

A smart business makes refurbishing with digital signage a priority.

Opening a new store or refurbishing an existing one is no small project. There are many stakeholders to satisfy: Store Design, Marketing, IT and of course, the CFO. Although each party has different priorities, the overall objective is about improving the customer journey. That’s where refurbishing with digital signage comes in.

Google research says that over half of all purchase decisions are influenced by digital marketing, and that bringing an online experience into the physical world is one of the greatest challenges facing retailers.

Consumer engagement has never been more important and that’s where digital signage comes in. Here are some common challenges that it helps overcome and why including digital signage in the design and shop fit makes perfect sense.

Posters are boring

Not to mention expensive, and wasteful. You know the headaches caused by printing in multiple sizes then relying on humans to ensure all that paper reaches its audience on time. There’s no option to adjust if it’s out of date, and then it gets thrown away. There’s got to be a better way, and there is. Put digital signage at the top of your refurbishment to-do list.

Shop-fitting adds value

Although retrofitting digital screens is always an option, it can look like an afterthought (usually because it is). When you see digital signage that has been part of the architectural design and installed by professionals, it becomes more than a marketing tool. It improves the aesthetics, enhances customer experience and validates you as a digital native.

Refurbishment helps fund hardware

Your marketing team has wanted an easy-to-manage, self-funding digital signage solution for years. Now’s the chance. While approving budgets for shop fitting and furniture, incorporate a digital signage network. And it makes more sense than Marketing having to fund the network from their own budget.

think digital signage

Plan for the future

To paraphrase Karen Lamb, the best time to start a digital signage strategy was a year ago. Failing that, do it now. Digital transformation is not only empowering, it’s inevitable. These are a few reasons to involve digital signage when planning a rebrand, refurbishment or new site. If you need help incorporating an innovative, easy-to-use digital solution into your upgrade, get in touch.

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