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Reach Out And Touch A Commercial Display

Something we’ve all learned in recent months is how technology can help make businesses ‘friction-free’. It helps us come together while staying an acceptable distance apart.

Something we’ve all learned in recent months is how commercial touch screen displays can help make businesses ‘friction-free’. Whether that’s informing customers through digital signage solutions, or implementing a card-only policy in cafes, it helps us come together while staying an acceptable distance apart.

One of those cloud-based technologies that really makes a difference is commercial touch screen displays. If you’re running a quick service restaurant, shifting your ordering process to a touch screen makes sense. Customers can make their choices, order themselves and in some instances pay directly through the system. It reduces friction and increases safety. Kiosks are easy to keep clean (much easier than a ragged, cardboard menu), and free up staff.

Of course, it’s not just QSRs that benefit from touch-technology. Banks have been using Kiosks for sometime to facilitate online banking, sending brochures and other financial services. Customers enjoy the convenience and security that touch applications provide. They also get answers to their queries more readily without having to join a potentially anxiety-inducing queue. Laqorr, our digital signage software and content management system makes this easy.

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The benefit of a commercial touch-screen display for business is the device’s adaptability. Not only can you run a dedicated app, but you could also point the screen at your website, or create a micro-site just for touch screens. Expanding the reach of your existing site is a cost-effective way of reaching customers, and building a micro-site is a cost-effective way of creating an app.

Not only are they adaptable, touch devices are portable as well. You can now place the power of the cloud directly in the hands of your frontline workers. No longer anchored to a desk, they can engage with customers in a friendlier, more efficient and effective way.

Now add the incredible security and flexibility of Chrome OS, and your commercial touch screen display is not simply a friction-free experience, it’s a game changer. Chrome gives you the power to control all the devices in your fleet from a central location. And you can set them to perform a lightening-fast factory reset each time they’re used – how’s that for security?

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