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Merry Christmas From The Team at datmedia

A Word From The CEO

As the year draws to an end, many of us in our roles would meet with our colleagues and teams to review years events. Normally the meeting agenda would list questions such as Did we make our budget? Was our marketing effective? What product/service worked best? What didn’t and why? etc.

In preparing for our own end of year review, I looked at the goals and objectives we set for ourselves this time last year. As I read through each action item I can see the enthusiasm we had, ready to embark on a new year. Leading off with a number of networking seminars to industry groups and planning meetings with existing clients, new logo and website, setting milestones along the way to ensure we remained focused and on track to maximise every opportunity. Everything was poised, ready for 2020 to be a great year!

Then in March, when Prime Minister Morrison declared a national lock down, no one could have predicted what was ahead. The one thought kept going through my head, “How are we going to survive this?” I really didn’t know.

Fast forward to December 2020, the agenda I am preparing for this year’s review meeting is much different. How did the staff and their families cope with the mammoth changes we had to endure? Did we do everything we could to ensure the safety of our staff and clients? What did we learn about our systems? The weaknesses and strengths and did we adapt quickly enough to minimise the impact? Did we deal with supply chain issues quickly enough? Did we provide enough support for our clients and vendors who were experiencing difficulty?

I do think that without the Federal Government support that most of us were eligible for, Australia would be in a much worse position.

Each of us will remember 2020 very differently, based on the way it impacted us, and those close to us. What I learned is we have a great team at datmedia, who were prepared to make some individual sacrifices for the benefit of the entire team and for that I am entirely grateful.

I also learned that we work with some fantastic clients, partners, vendors and suppliers, again all working together to ensure we could all make it through.

As for 2021, I am as enthusiastic as I was this time last year because I know, as we all emerge from the lock downs and border closures, we are stronger and ready to help where we can.

Wishing you all and your families a happy and safe Christmas, and an awesome 2021. I think we all deserve it!!

on behalf of the team at datmedia

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