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Life Just Got Easier For The IT Team

Life just got easier for the IT team. Well, a particular IT team in Rosebery NSW that is. One of our clients is setting up a new store and they just received two Chromebox media players that we sent to them. One will service a display screen for digital signage and the other is for a touch screen kiosk.

In error (our error – just being candidly honest here), both media players had been set up as digital signage players. No problem, this was simply an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the power of Chrome.

Using other technology, it could have been a complicated and time-consuming exercise to reconfigure the kiosk player. Uninstalling software and reinstalling other software, changing multiple device settings and depending on the use case, possibly needing to re-image the device. The last thing any IT Team wants is another complicated, time-consuming job in their workload.

However, with the simple yet powerful Chrome Enterprise system, it was as easy as logging into the Cloud-based dashboard and moving the device from one group to another (one that had already been set up for kiosks at other stores). And that was it! All the device needed was an internet connection and a reboot (which never takes longer than 10 seconds on a Chrome device), and it was instantly transformed from a digital signage player into a touch screen kiosk.

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Let that just sink in for a minute… How many hours of your IT team’s valuable time do you reckon we could save if we could simplify device management policies and settings at scale? Not just that, in this year of the distributed workforce that is 2020, the IT team doesn’t even need to be anywhere near the devices when working like this. With all that extra time and fewer headaches, your IT team could focus on things like innovation and that important project the business is working on.

When it’s this easy, a term like ‘Unlimited Scale’ actually sounds exciting, rather than daunting. Do you know an IT team that could use some extra time and resources? We would love to demonstrate something like this, to help boost productivity and solve challenges that they shouldn’t even be concerned about. Everyone from Senior Management to the Accounts Payable department will be glad that life just got easier for the IT team.

If you want to read more, please do. If you want to learn more, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.