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How The Right Platform Can Reduce Security Risks And Boost IT Resources

When I sat down at my desk and turned on my computer (a Chromebox) this morning, there was a little alert advising that an update was available and to restart to apply the update. Now in a Windows or Mac world that could potentially render your device useless for an hour or so while the updates are downloaded, installed and applied. However, on a Chromebox (or any Chrome device including Chromebooks) a reboot never takes longer than 10 seconds until the machine is fully operational. I’m serious. 10 seconds. So I rebooted and got to work.Then I thought to myself, remember back when you had to worry about antivirus software and the relentless job of keeping it up-to-date. That’s all obsolete now. The Chrome Operating System has such sophisticated security features built-in, that even worrying about devices becoming compromised is now a thing of the past.

Often when I am speaking to prospective new clients that have a need and use for digital signage, touch screens and devices for frontline workers and customers, a common concern arises. Security. One of the fears that would-be digital signage users have is that someone will hijack the content on their screens and display competitors content (or worse).

One horror story about this type of activity was in 2019 when hackers uploaded a pornographic video that then screened on high profile central Auckland promotional screens to shocked shoppers and pedestrians. The video ran for approximately two hours from 8 am. While some people were shocked, others reportedly just stopped and watched. With all of the hard work that Marketing and Branding teams do to build trust, loyalty and brand advocacy, this is not the type of content any business would like playing on their screens.


Another concern organisations often have is that a network of digital signage devices will add to the IT Team’s workload. Setting up and maintaining a fleet of new devices would usually just add risk, vulnerability and extra work for the IT Team. By using Chrome Enterprise one IT Team reduced device setup time from three hours to 25 minutes. They said: “Chrome Enterprise adds extra security features that protect employees and our platform while offering easy support tools for our IT team”.

Many people are wondering what the #NewNormal will be like. If you think about it, using devices that increase security, reduce workloads and mitigate risk should really be part of the new normal for organisations. Here are five security features that you might not (but should) know about Chrome devices and the Chrome operating system:


Chrome OS keeps different software on Chrome devices separate with sandboxing. So even if one part somehow gets infected, the rest is designed to stay safe.

Verified boot

Every time a Chrome device starts up, it goes through Verified Boot — a rigorous and seamless security check-up in the background that prevents malware.

Security chip

Protect your data. Every Chromebox and Chromebook includes a built-in security chip to encrypt the most sensitive data and keep it away from prying eyes.

Built-in virus protection

Built-in virus protection defends Chrome devices from malware automatically. You can focus on what you need to do, instead of installing third-party security software.


In the rare event that something does go wrong, a fresh start is just a click away. With the power-washing feature on Chrome devices, they can easily be reset (even remotely) to restore factory settings and get rid of malware in the process.

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So in a year when cybersecurity has never been more important, It’s nice to know that there are simple technology choices that can help alleviate risk, increase productivity and tighten security. If you or someone you know are considering digital signage, but have security and IT concerns, you should try a Chrome device demo. I can hook it up for free and it could end up saving your organisation hundreds of IT hours and unnecessary security headaches.

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