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Help Bridge The Gap With This Off-The-Shelf Technology

Contact tracing is arguably one of the best defences against the spread of COVID-19 to-date. A robust contact tracing system combined with extensive and comprehensive testing is proven to help control the spread of the Coronavirus and save lives. One of the challenges that contract tracers have is finding all of the locations that may be of risk to the community. Often this can be due to visitors being unable to check-in if they don’t have a mobile device.

Most businesses should now be registered with the relevant state government apps to display QR codes for visitors to scan and check-in/ register their visit. But what about those visitors that don’t have a mobile device with them? Their health and safety, along with their potentially infectious status and the time of their visit are just as important as everyone else. Especially to the contact tracers.


Many retailers, hospitality venues, places of worship and even medical practitioners have resorted to a notepad of paper with a selection of (pre-cleaned and re-cleaned?) pens at the entry or reception. However, in many environments, this simply isn’t practical. When the contact tracers need that information, they need it urgently and in the form of manageable data. Lives are at stake!

For an easy off-the-shelf quick fix, businesses can simply use a touch screen kiosk or touch screen Chromebook with a purpose-built Google Form to collect the necessary data with a cloud-hosted, manageable Google Sheet. This provides a quick and easy way for visitors to check-in/ register their visit. It also serves as a very simple method to enable businesses to retrieve, manage and share the necessary visitor data with contract tracers and authorities as required.

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The forms can be easily branded, customised and updated so that appropriate graphics, questions and data use disclaimers can be utilised. One form could service a single location, or could easily be edited so that it can be used for all sites. Then place a hand sanitising dispenser next to the Chrome device and you have a safe, quick and secure way to bridge the gaps for contact tracers and keep your visitors safe.

If you would like to know more about how to set this up for your visitors and data collection, please feel free to get in touch. We are here to help and we have lots of ideas to help create better customer experiences and ways to streamline workflows. If you have found this helpful, we would like to encourage you to please share this quick fix to help businesses to comply with contact tracing regulations, improve public safety and assist in the battle that we are all fighting against this relentless, contagious and deadly virus.