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With any new tech, there’s nothing quite like holding it in your hands. 

Our free demo device trial is your very own personal preview of what it will be like when you successfully roll out the ultimate digital signage solution in all of your stores.

Because we know hands-on is the best, we’ve made it easy for you. We’ll pay for return postage, and there might just be a little something extra from us in the delivery package 😉

Step 1: Request
Fill out the form below to make sure we send you the right device for you, then we’ll give you a quick call for a chat.

Step 2: Shipped!
We’ll send one or more devices to you loaded with the right software so you can test it, along with an order form with the details of what we’ve sent you.

Step 3: Test-drive
One of our team will be in touch to help you set up your devices and start testing them.

Step 4: Return (or buy if you wish)
Give us a call (within 2 months) when you’re ready to return your device. As long as it’s in its original condition, there’s nothing to pay.

Ordering your free demo device starts here

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    The not-so fine print:

    You’ll need to pay for the device(s) in full if the devices (or packaging) are damaged, or not returned to us within 2 months.

    Devices remain the property of datmedia until payment is received in full.

    We’re here to help show you the amazing stuff these devices can do, so please call us if you have questions.

    ISO 9001 Quality Certification

    What that means is we’re committed to quality and constantly getting better at what we do. We continually monitor and review our business and team, then implement changes if needed, to meet and maintain the principles of the ISO 9001 standards.