Free Demo Device

free demo device

Are we meant to be together?

Get a free demo device delivered to your door.  


Digital signage can make a world of difference to your organisation. But don’t just take our word for it, try it out and play around with it on your premises, in your own time.

*Conditions apply

Sometimes you just need to try something out before you can know if it’s right for you. With a ready-to-go demo device, you get to see digital signage in action. All we ask is that you return the device on time and in the condition you received it.

We’ve made it simple and easy. Fill in the form, we will asses what is the best device for you to try (we might give you a call to check, so please give us your best contact).

We will pay for the return postage and there might even be a pretty schmick free gift from us in the delivery package #justsayin’ 😉


datmedia demo device


Then fill in the form and we’ll be in touch before you can say ‘where’s my free demo device?’ 🤓


    * How does it work?

    datmedia will review eligibility for a free demo device based on your requirements. If eligible you will receive:

    • One or more devices loaded with software for testing use cases suited to your requirements.
    • An order form detailing the device(s) and the equipment value.
    • A 30 minute consultation with our team to help you set up your devices and start testing them.

    As long as you return the items to us in their original condition within 2 months of receiving them, there is nothing to pay.

    OK, sounds good.  What about when I am finished testing?

    • Simply contact your datmedia rep and ask for a return freight con-note. Remember to keep the original packaging safe and intact
    • Or alternatively, if you want to keep the devices, let us know and we will help you arrange payment of the amount on the order form.

    Remember 🤔

    • You will need to pay for the device(s) in full if the devices (or packaging) are damaged, or not returned to us within 2 months
    • Devices remain the property of datmedia until payment is received in full.

    We are here to help you unlock the potential of these devices and demonstrate our value as a partner to your business.  Let us know how we can help 👍