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Finlease: Helping Ease The Cost Of Commitment

We understand that a new digital signage solution is a big undertaking. We can help you spread the cost of that commitment. 

We could all use a little help right now. Whether that’s wrangling the kids with home-schooling or finding innovative ways to make the bottom line add up.

That’s why we’ve partnered with our friends at Finlease. As they say on their website, they have ‘finance solutions to help’. We understand that signing off on a new digital signage solution, or expanding on the one that you have, is a big commitment.

The figures can be daunting – now more so than ever – however we can help you spread the cost of that commitment.

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One of the great features of the Finlease programme is that your signage outlay moves from being a capital expenditure to a more manageable recurring monthly payment, one that comes out of your operating budget instead.

And that lets you do the sums more readily. Ask yourself if the monthly sales income generated by campaigns on your digital signage will cover the monthly repayments? We can certainly help you do the maths on that. If it does, and it should, then you’re in a winning position.

As a supplier on the Finlease programme we’ll do the paperwork for you. It’s another way we can help make things a little easier at the moment.

If this sounds appealing please get in touch and we’ll talk you through the options. We’ll let Finlease talk about the baby orangutang in their marketing, which does make us smile. It’s another way they’re helping right now.

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