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Digital Signage Software – An Essential Retail Marketing Tool When Working Remotely

The pandemic has changed the way that we do so many things. Some are temporary and others are evolving as we continue to learn and adapt – working from home has become a new way of life for many. So how can digital signage software help you when working remotely?

The New York Times wrote: When the pandemic is in the rearview mirror — someday — many of us may look back on these years as the moment that our work lives changed forever. When millions of employees were told to work remotely, the boundary between our office lives and home lives began to blur, in ways that are still unfolding.

Hybrid and remote workplace solutions are being adopted and developed, so I asked datmedia’s veteran remote-worker, Colin Fraser, for some tips. He is our Content Services Manager and has been a telecommuter for over a decade. Ironically, much of the face-to-face work he does involves showing our clients how to work remotely, more effectively.

The beauty of our digital signage software system Laqorr, is that you can schedule content on any screen, anywhere in the world from wherever you are and on whichever device you are using. I have often watched Colin taking advantage of this from the back of a taxi in-between meetings.

laqorr from your phone

Our clients love how Laqorr simplifies otherwise complex content management tasks for them. As Colin is the system’s primary user at datmedia, I wanted to ask him about his top three productivity hacks to help you become the most efficient remote worker you can be.

Here are his top three favourites:

#1 Auto scheduling

Because we’ve all got more pressing things to do, one of the best features of Laqorr is letting it manage scheduling for you. One of our clients makes constant use of this time-saving feature, and they love it. Once they’d set up the structure, they simply tag their files and Laqorr does the rest. You can be  as broad as you want (file plays across the entire network) or as granular as you need (only on the inward facing screen on the left hand side of the door at Frankston). Our client’s who WFH love that they can do this on any device they have to hand.

#2 Groups

Groups are where players and playlists come together. Whether you’ve created a manual playlist or chosen to auto-schedule, all players in the same group will get the same content from the same playlist. This helps our clients link players to deliver the same messaging. One group might be all external facing window displays, for instance. Another might be all screens behind the counter.

A group also lets you daypart with ease. Several clients use this feature to run targeted playlists depending on the time of day, or days of the week. Quick service restaurants, for instance, love this feature. And they love that they can do it anywhere they have an internet connection. Like at home.

#3 Forward scheduling

If your marketing calendar is up to date, there is no reason why your Christmas content can’t be scheduled now. Think of the time you’ll save later in the year. It can always be updated if necessary. Meanwhile, you get to enjoy finessing your schedules with real-time marketing, personalisation and localisation. All things that Laqorr is well equipped to do.


Digital Signage Made Easy

We know that as one of your remote work tools, Laqorr makes scheduling easy. It’s a fun, efficient and effective way to engage your audience from wherever you are, whenever it suits you.

We built Laqorr with cloud-native features to make Colin’s life easier and our business more efficient. You can do the same. Streamline marketing communications, increase productivity and manage devices or content at anytime from anywhere. Just like Colin does.

If you would like to learn more about how Laqorr can help improve your  remote operations, please get in touch. We are genuinely here to help.