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Digital Menu Boards 101

Digital menu boards allow restaurants to change menu items and update prices. You can add (or remove) promotional content across an entire network remotely and seamlessly. And you can do it easily. Unlike static boards and light boxes.

This ability to change content at a moment’s notice has made digital menu boards increasingly popular. However maximising the benefits, as well as the potential to improve sales and minimize costs, takes some planning and consideration.

Here are some crucial elements to consider when deploying a digital menu board solution:

Know your objective

One of the first things operators need to consider before investing in digital signage is exactly what it is they hope to achieve.

All too often, businesses invest in a digital menu board system without a clear objective or content strategy in mind. As a result, they end up using them as a fancy poster board.

With a well thought out content strategy, digital signage has great potential to engage consumers, improve perceived wait times, increase sales uplifts, and improve the overall customer experience.

Don’t cut corners to save a few dollars

The worst mistake operators can make when deploying a digital menu-board system is trying to substitute commercial grade devices with cheaper consumer grade versions.

Commercial grade displays and media players come with a 3 year warranty and are hardened to withstand the rigours of a QSR environment – heat, humidity and 24/7 operation.

laqorr content management system

The right CMS is crucial to success

Inserting USB drives into the back of screens is awkward and inefficient, even for a single site set-up.  Across multiple stores it becomes difficult to track and almost impossible to verify compliance.

A good content management system (CMS) allows you to quickly and easily distribute promotional and menu content via a secure web-based portal as required.

A great CMS like Laqorr will also allow you to monitor the status and performance of your menu boards so that you can quickly address any issues and ensure maximum uptime (device management).

Content is king

Whilst one of the appeals of digital signage is its ability to feature animation and full-motion video, like all good design it is best to keep it simple.

A crisp, high quality graphic of a delicious burger with steam wafting up from the bun will be far more enticing to consumers than a screen cluttered with multiple items and flashy animation.

It is also crucial to allowing adequate time between content rotations for the consumer to read and absorb the information being presented to them.

Stress-free installations (that look great) take careful planning

Just attaching a digital display to a wall doesn’t create the aesthetic that will keep customers coming back for more.  Nor does it connect the display with your content management team.

It is important that installation of digital menu boards is discussed with the store design and fit-out teams, to ensure seamless visual integration of the digital with the physical.

Access to power and data and cable runs in the right locations are also potential banana-skins that can be avoided with the correct planning.

And finally, close cooperation with the IT department is required to ensure that connectivity is provided to the media player, and that the media player and communication protocols meet the IT security policies of your company.

Return on investment

Whilst every digital menu board deployment is unique, industry research indicates that they can result in a sales uplift of as much as 5 percent. With the ability to schedule unique promotional content and adjust margins in real-time, digital menu boards allow operators to enjoy improved sales results that are simply not possible with traditional static menu boards or light boxes.

In addition there are also the indirect benefits of:

  • customer engagement
  • lowering perceived wait time
  • an increase in customer satisfaction
  • eliminating printing costs
  • lowering labour costs

Engage an expert partner

With so much to consider when making the switch to digital menu boards it is important to choose a digital signage partner that understands the needs of quick service restaurant operators and can provide an affordable solution with best practices advice.

Let us help you develop a complete solution from concept through installation to ongoing management. It starts with your objective and ends with your satisfaction.

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