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Australian Music Needs You (And You Need Australian Music)

The Australian music industry is going through a very challenging time in 2021. An industry statement declared that the impact of the pandemic on Australia’s world-leading music, theatre, comedy and live entertainment industries has been truly devastating. John F. Kennedy famously said in his inauguration speech: “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”. Well, now there is something that you can do for your country by supporting our local Australian music artists.

ARIA’s Our Soundtrack Our Stories is a local music initiative that serves as an excellent way to enhance customer and employee experience while supporting local music artists.

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It’s a chance for Australian media and business to get behind homegrown music as it struggles under the pressure of waves of lockdowns and restrictions – all but eliminating prospects for live touring for the foreseeable future. The initiative calls for public commitment to increase the inclusion of diverse Australian artists in the commercial and mainstream landscape.

As such, here at datmedia, we have updated our background music service offering so that:

  1.   datmedia’s retail library of music now boasts over 1200 tracks by Australian artists from current stars such as Vance Joy and Troye Sivan through to classics from INXS and Yothu Yindi.
  2.   Our clients can now choose to play local artists on heavier rotation or play them 100% of the time.

You can sample some of our quality, ever-expanding Aussie playlist right here.

We are making this available to our music service clients at no extra cost to make it easy for our clients and all Australian businesses that play background music to get behind this intuitive and to discover, champion, share, and consume more local music.

Importantly, datmedia’s Aussie background music solution also ensures that your business is compliant with industry music license requirements.

Together we can promote our artists, promote the enormous economic and cultural contribution of local music, and ensure a bright, bold, diverse and exciting future for the next generation of musicians and music lovers alike.

Please get in touch so we can help your business to support our local artists and participate in this important initiative. If you’d like to help right now, I’d also like to encourage you to please ‘like’ and share this post with your networks and circles of influence while listening to this playlist. The Australian music industry thanks you. Thanks for reading and sharing.