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Are You Ready For What’s Next? It’s Important!

As many of us are watching the news (or not) and waiting to see what happens next, the need to be ready for what’s next has never been more important or urgent. Leo Tolstoy once wrote: No matter what the work you are doing, be always ready to drop it. And plan it, so as to be able to leave it. It’s tricky to plan for the unknown, but not impossible. Farmers have been doing it for centuries. The trick is to plan towards what you do know.

One thing that all retailers and banks know now is that digital transformation is no longer something to work towards. It’s something that needs to be worked on – constantly. The ongoing push for digital transformation has been urging organisations to upgrade and overhaul technology stacks toward service-based models. In 2022, the focus on people is driving digital transformation more than ever before. As companies design for new shared physical spaces, now is the time to plan towards optimising hybrid workplaces and for how consumer’s habits have evolved.

Now that we are living with the virus and businesses are still charting a course towards the #NewNormal, establishing and updating COVID safe plans is only one component of a successful return to shared physical spaces. Along the way, customer’s digital media consumption habits changed radically and the typical path-to-purchase looks very different to before. Actually, there is no longer such thing as a typical path-to-purchase 🤔

Store As A Medium

Bridging the gap

The Pandemic has forced a necessary focus on online and virtual customer engagement. However, with the return of mask-to-mask (our MD coined that term) engagements, bridging the gap between online and shared physical spaces plays an important role in delivering an optimal customer experience.

Dynamic, contextually relevant content on digital screens is the perfect way to help connect the dots and meet customers where they are on their journey, then help guide them to their destination.

For some easy quick wins you will need:

  • A strategy to make it easy to personalise and localise content right down to individual screens and experiences.
  • A cloud-based dashboard to make light work of controlling the content and devices across a diverse network of screens from anywhere, anytime.
  • To find an affordable and scalable solution that makes things easier, rather than more complicated for the IT Team.

These simple, yet sophisticated solutions are perfect ways to reimagine how physical spaces can be safe and productive, inviting and welcoming and enhance both customer and employee experiences.

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With all of the changes to the way we now conduct business in 2022, I have also been focussing on online and virtual customer engagement. As such, I am organising personalised virtual lunch workshops to discuss how technology and the right cloud-native services can supercharge and streamline new shared physical spaces for organisations.

Lunch is on us! I’ll send you (and any relevant stakeholders) an Uber Eats voucher and a video call link, then I’ll rope in the necessary subject matter experts to help resolve your in-store digital pain points.

The need to be ready for what’s next will be crucial for businesses in 2022 and datmedia is here to help with the digital touchpoints in physical spaces to enhance customer experience and empower employees.

If you have found this article helpful, or know someone who needs help with digital signage or touch screens, I’d like to encourage you to please share this with your network. Thanks for reading and sharing 👍